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When One Door Closes...
Season 1, Episode 12
Episode Information
Air date

September 2, 2013

Written by

Rina Mimoun

Directed by

Constantine Makris

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'"'When One Door Closes..." is the twelfth episode of the first season of Mistresses. It aired on September 2, 2013. This episode was written by Rina Mimoun, and directed by Constantine Makris.


The judge delivers a shocking ruling in Grey vs. Kim, but Karen is still in trouble. April teams up with Paul when Lucy goes missing; Joss tries to salvage her relationship, and Savi accepts the fact that Harry is no longer part of her life, until she learns some disturbing news.


April makes a beeline over to Paul’s hotel room once she realizes Lucy is missing. Her used-to-be-dead hubby swears he didn’t kidnap their still-in-the-dark daughter. The two worried parents put their differences aside to search for their missing little girl. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of Lucy anywhere. April fears the worst. Paul does his best to comfort her. A short time later, Lucy is found safe and sound. She hopped on the wrong bus and got a little lost. April is beyond relieved.

Richard’s cell phone has been on the blink, so he had no idea Lucy was missing. He’s happy to hear that she’s safe, but concerned to learn that April spent the day searching for her with Paul. As for Lucy, she’s concerned that April is going to marry Richard someday. She’s just not ready for a new family because she still misses her old one. Perhaps April is feeling the same way. Paul asks for a second chance. He’s willing to go to jail to make things right. April moves away when Paul tries to kiss her before finally giving in to her desire.

Karen is shocked when the judge dismisses the case against her. It’s over—just like that. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Karen’s license is being suspended for six months. She believes Elisabeth Grey is the one who reported her. That’s not the case. Elisabeth has been too busy getting wasted to do such a thing. Sam can’t talk to his mom when she’s like this. As for Karen, she learns that her partner, Jacob, is the one who reported her. Make that her former partner. Jacob can’t believe anything Karen says to him ever again. He doesn’t want her to come back after her suspension is up.

There’s a lot of shocking news in Savi’s world. She’s completely shocked to hear how much trouble Harry’s restaurant is in financially. Harry is shocked to see the paternity test results sitting in the drawer by Joss’s bed. Dominic is shocked when Savi offers to celebrate his promotion to partner with their first official date. The two of them have a nice time, but a quick kiss has Savi pulling away. Maybe this is all too soon. Savi later decides to put up the money to save the restaurant. As for Harry, he’s stares at the envelope with the paternity test results. He hasn’t looked at them… yet.

Joss is crushed when Alex wants nothing to do with her after her fling with the less-than-fairer sex. So she jumps back into bed with her boss. There’s barely enough time for them to bask in the afterglow before Olivier drops the news that he’s headed back to Paris—permanently! Joss is ticked. She feels like she threw away her relationship with Alex for this guy. She drowns her sorrows at Harry’s restaurant bar and picks up a guy in record time. The two of them get hot and heavy in the bathroom, but bar guy goes a little too far. Fortunately, Harry is there to knock some sense into the overly-aggressive barfly.

Joss is way sick from her alcohol binge-fest the next morning. When she finally pulls herself together, Joss learns Olivier promoted her to manager before jetting off to Europe. So she quits. She swipes a listing for a prime property before heading out the door. She presents the place to Alex for a new yoga studio. Joss also lets her know that she did what she had to do so the two of them could be together. The two ladies share a bittersweet goodbye.


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