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Season 1, Episode 8
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July 22, 2013

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Ultimatum is the eighth episode of the first season and the 8th overall episode of Mistresses.


Savi fights for her marriage, regardless of the baby's paternity; April tries to adjust to the knowledge that her husband is still alive; Sam hires Karen's business partner as his therapist; and Joss tries to redefine her relationship with Alex.


April is freaking out. Her once-thought-to-be-deceased husband is at her front door. Paul says he faked his own death. He lost his job and was feeling like he failed April. Then he found out Miranda was pregnant. He’s been living with her and Scotty the entire time she thought he was dead. Paul lets April know that Miranda has been scamming her without his knowledge. He warns her to not give away any money. It’s all hands on deck as even the feuding Savi and Joss put their differences aside to meet about their friend’s latest conundrum. April knows the first thing she needs to do is find out the truth.

April asks Miranda to meet her at the shop to pick up her payoff check. She has Paul show up at the same time to determine what’s what between them. Paul denounces Miranda for the scam she’s trying to pull. April tosses the two of them out of her shop. Paul is still dead to her and Miranda can go to hell. She rips up the check and suddenly feels as though she’s free from the two of them. She has no idea that Paul has opted to extend his stay in town.

Savi has her six-week doctor’s checkup. Her blood pressure is much better than last time. That’s the good news. The bad news is all the looks she’s getting at the office. Harry runs into Karen down by the beach. He admits that just because he punched Dominic in the chops, it doesn’t mean he’s on the mend like Savi thinks. He also doesn’t believe he can get past what’s happened between them if the kid isn’t his. As for Savi, she wants Dominic to relinquish all legal rights to the baby before she even knows the identity of the daddy. Dom wants to wait for the paternity results before signing anything.

Savi breaks down when she thinks Harry is going to bail on their relationship. That’s not the case at all. Harry gives Savi an ultimatum. Once they receive the paternity results, if the baby isn’t his, she has a choice to make. She needs to decide between him and the baby. It’s decision that she makes right away. Savi is keeping the baby no matter what. She wants Harry to fight for them, but he admits that he doesn’t have any fight left. As for Savi, the paternity results arrive, but she doesn’t open the envelope. Instead, she locks it up in her office drawer.

Joss and Alex run into Sally and her new girlfriend, Story (like a bedtime story). Things are awkward to say the least. Alex is upset to learn that Sally and Story are in a serious relationship. Joss tries to make her feel better with some passionate kisses. Things are awkward the next day. Alex doesn’t think that the two of them can be friends because she has feelings for her. Joss tries to talk to Savi about this crisis, but her big sis can’t talk about this at the office. So she talks to Olivier, who advises her to not quit. That’s why Joss lets Alex know that she’s willing to go for a full-on relationship with her.

Karen is shocked to see that her partner, Jacob, is now treating Sam Grey. She’s even more uneasy when the kid shows up outside her home. Sam admits that he thinks he’s in love with her. He then cancels his next appointment with Jacob, who thinks the boy may be off balance. Karen meets with Elizabeth, who believes that Sam wouldn’t feel like he was in love if he knew she had been sleeping with his father. Karen is stunned that Elizabeth was savvy to the affair. The hits just keep on coming when she sees that Sam may have overheard the whole thing.


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