Scott Trosman
Scott Thompson
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Scott Trosman



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Plastic Surgeon

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Two & Three & Four

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Justin Hartley

Scott Trosman is a recurring character in Mistresses. He is a plastic surgeon who meets Josslyn at a fundraiser. He proposed to her and planned a surprise wedding in the Season Two finale.


Scott comes from a big family, who all seems very close. He is a successful plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, although he admits that he prefers doing meaningful, groundbreaking work in third world countries over working in LA. He meets Joss at a fundraiser after being told he was going on a blind date. Joss, who didn't know about this, isn't immediately drawn to him. She warms up to his charm and whit, and the two begin a relationship.

When Scott's shoe-fantasy gets revealed, Joss is hesitant but she eventually is okay with Scott's little obsession. Shortly after she moves in, and their relationship becomes rather fast-tracked with a proposal following soon after. Of course Scott used a pair of shoes as the packaging for the ring, which belonged to grandma June.