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Season 1, Episode 6
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July 8, 2013

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Payback is the sixth episode of the first season and the 6th overall episode of Mistresses.


Harry resists Savi's efforts to make things right, someone breaks into Karen's office, April and Richard's relationship heats up, and Olivier makes life difficult for Joss.


Savi impatiently waits for Harry to talk to her after the bombshell she dropped. She stops by the restaurant where her hubby spent the night. The beginning of a conversation is interrupted by the pretty hostess who never remembers her boss’s wife. Savi suspects this woman may be having an affair with Harry. She later meets up with Dominic, who wants to know if she thought about his declaration of his feelings. Savi lets him know that she’s pregnant. She says the baby is Harry’s even though the paternity test results aren’t back yet.

Savi lets Harry know that she’s looking for a new job. She hopes this will be a good first step into repairing things between them. She also makes known her suspicions that Harry is sleeping with the help. He’s not, even though hostess girl totally wants him. As for Savi, she lets Dominic know that one of the reasons she’s looking for a new gig is because she doesn’t believe being around him is the best idea. As for Harry, he’s still dealing with the fact that Savi destroyed him with her affair. More importantly, it destroyed them.

April makes plans to go on a real date with Richard. She also gives Miranda a check for a hundred bucks and instructs her to go back to Florida. The two ladies have a verbal blowout with Richard hearing everything from afar. April banishes Miranda from her house. She still wants to go on her date, but Richard lets her know that she doesn’t have to put on a happy face for him. It’s okay for her to be vulnerable. He’s not going anywhere. As for the Miranda situation, April opts to give her a bigger check for her son’s sake. She’ll have to sell part of her business to do so.

Karen comes into work to learn that her office was the focus of a break-in the night before. There’s a chance someone may have made copies of the files on her computer. She desperately tries to track down Elizabeth Grey only to learn that she’s out of the country. Karen tells Jacob that she believes the break-in was about her, but her business partner gets ticked when she doesn’t provide full disclosure. Later, Karen finds the photo of her that was taken in Thomas’s old apartment. There’s a note on the back that reads “Missing You – Sam.” Could he have been the one behind the break-in?

Olivier knows that Joss is the ringleader when all of his employees invade his office to sneak a peek at the porno flick being shot in the building across the street. Nevertheless, he makes everyone work late as punishment. He also instructs Joss to get a listing from a difficult Italian couple. Joss does a Google search to get the scoop on her new boss. The only thing she really learns is that he eats a banana a day to keep up his potassium level. Compelling stuff.

Olivier lets Joss know that she’s the type of person who thinks that the rules don’t apply to her. He didn’t have to Google her to find that out. Later, Olivier opens his office cabinet to find hundreds of bananas inside. There’s a note stating that it’s for his potassium levels. Olivier can’t help but laugh at the prank. In other news, Joss finds a baby book amongst her sister’s stuff. She jazzed to learn that she’s going to be an aunt. Then she discovers that her sis has been keeping lots of other secrets from her. This leads to a big blowout that ends with Joss feeling very, very hurt.


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