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I Choose You
Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Information
Air date

September 9, 2013

Written by

K.J. Steinberg

Directed by

Allison Liddi-Brown

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"I Choose You" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Mistresses, and the first season finale. It aired on September 9, 2013. This episode was written by K.J. Steinberg, and directed by Allison Liddi-Brown.


A road trip to Palm Springs for Savi's birthday takes a shocking turn; April makes a decision about the two men in her life, and Elizabeth Grey confronts Karen in a final showdown.


Savi receives a beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers. There’s no signature on the card. They didn’t come from the girls. Their gift to Savi is a trip to a Palm Springs resort. They’ll be road-tripping in a cool T-Bird. So who sent the flowers? Were they from Harry? Has he had a change of heart? Perhaps they are from Dom. After all, they did share a kiss recently. April is the only one who isn’t shocked by this. That’s because she’s still dealing her recent lip-lock with Paul.

Savi and Joss head to Palm Springs early. They both bask in the sun at the luxurious resort. Savi sees a family by the pool. This has her wanting to know the paternity test results ASAP. Joss is silently freaking when she hears this. She knows Harry swiped the envelope. She convinces Savi to wait until morning to drive back to L.A. She’s out the door before her sis wakes up. Joss calls her on the road to give her the scoop on the missing results. Savi decides to head back to Palm Springs. CRASH! An SUV slams into her at a high rate of speed. It’s bad.

Karen learns that her nemesis, Elizabeth Grey, has received psychiatric treatment in the past. The woman has issues. She’s still drinking like there’s no tomorrow. She’s also horrified to learn that Karen slept with her son. Elizabeth shows up at Karen’s place claiming she wants five minutes to apologize. Sam is ready skip out of town until he notices that the gun is missing from the family wall safe. Elizabeth brought it with her. She points the weapon at Karen, who manages to distract her captor by offering her a drink. While doing so, she’s able to dial 911 on her cell. The police are now listening.

April fears the worst when she stops by Richard’s place to see boxes everywhere. The place has been cleaned out. She fears he’s skipped out on her. In reality, he just boxed up all his stuff while his place was being painted. Richard is such a great guy, but Paul has gotten to her. April is convinced that people can change. Richard believes that may be true. But he also believes they don’t change back. A short time later, April is on the road to Palm Springs. Traffic is at a standstill. There’s been an accident. April is horrified when she she’s the wrecked T-Bird.

Everyone but Karen heads to the hospital where Savi has been taken. Harry suggests that Joss give Dominic a call since he’s the father of Savi’s baby. Paul even shows up vowing that he’ll be there for April from here on out. His arrival comes moments before the doctor lets everyone know that Savi is awake and the baby is okay. She believes that Harry is there because he found out that the baby is his. That’s not it at all. He doesn’t care who the father is. He wants to be with Savi no matter what. He chooses her. He’ll always choose her. Dominic also chooses Savi, as he’s in love with her.

Elizabeth finds hears the 911 operator on the cell phone. She’s accelerating her plan to have Karen was down a fistful of pills with some vodka. Sam is heard banging at the front door. Elizabeth warns Karen to not make a peep. CRASH! Sam smashes a chair through the back window. He tries to reason with his mother, who can’t get past the fact that her husband asked for Karen just before she killed him. Sam lunges for the gun. There’s a mighty struggle. BANG! Blood sprays across the furniture. Someone’s been shot. But who?

April notices that Paul is ignoring calls from Miranda. He’s cut off all contact with her. Miranda gives April a call asking if she could just let Paul know that his son misses his daddy. A short time later, April lets Savi know that she sent Paul back to Florida. Her girls are her family. As for Savi, she struggles to talk to her friends before coding. The doctors try to revive her as everyone who loves her looks on. They are all helplessly wondering if Savi will survive.


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