This article is about the Mistresses character Harry Davis you may be looking for his British counterpart Hari.

Harry Davis
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Biographical Information
  • Harry Davis
  • Alive
Relationships Information
Marital Status
Professional Information
  • Chef (currently)
  • Co-owner of Playa (with Joss
  • Playa (currently)
  • Savannah's Kitchen (formerly)
  • Wunderbar (formerly)
  • The Food Network (formerly)
  • Himself (currently)
  • Rocco DiSpirito (formerly)
Character Information
First Appearance
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Harry Davis is a main character on Mistresses. He is the ex-husband of Savi Davis. He previously owned Savi's Kitchen and worked with Joss while she was doing events.

Background[edit | edit source]

He was married to Savi from the beginning of the series, but the marriage wasn't flawless. He and Savi planned on having children together. After learning from the fertility clinic that his sperm have a deformed head, he dives deeper into his work and this drives a blade between him and Savannah. They have a huge argument and part ways for a while. 

He ends up loosing Savi's Kitchen due to financial issues. In season two he is trying to sell the house he and Savi lived in, but doesn't talk to Savi, all their conversations going through Joss

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Savannah and Harry[edit | edit source]

Savannah and Harry have been together for 15 years. They met on a trip where Karen was also. They got married and started considering having a family together.

Kyra and Harry[edit | edit source]

After Harry gets separated from Savi, he begins to date his employee, Kyra. Kyra incidentally introduced Scott and Joss.

Greta and Harry[edit | edit source]

After Harry gets the job at Wunderbar, and Joss gets engaged, Harry starts to sleep with the owner of the new restaurant, Greta Jaeger. Joss, on her way to Harry's house, sees him and Greta together, quite naked.

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