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Full Disclosure
Season 1, Episode 11
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Air date

August 26, 2013

Written by

Josh Reims

Directed by

Jeff Bleckner

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"Full Disclosure" is the eleventh episode of the first season of Mistresses. It aired on August 26, 2013. This episode was written by Josh Reims, and directed by Jeff Bleckner.


Karen begins her deposition, but is suprised by Dominic. Since Savi has yet to open up her paternity results, Harry decides to find out for himself; April and Richard, recently broken up, still has a date planned, and Alex make Joss question their relationship.


Dominic gives Savi a ticket to New York to deal with a top client. It’s his way of getting her out of the office while he does Karen’s deposition. The first witness is Anthony Newsome, who testifies that Karen’s opinion about Thomas Grey being suicidal flip-flopped during his investigation. Karen’s attorney tries to discredit him by saying he’s out for revenge because Karen rejected his desire to become intimate. Next up is Elisabeth Grey, who lies like a rug by saying she was out with her son when her hubby died. Karen is completely floored. Sam Grey was supposed to be her alibi! Uh oh.

Karen shoots eye-daggers at Sam as the kid testifies that he was, indeed, out to dinner with his mom the night his dad died. Later, Sam lets Karen know that he couldn’t deny his mother’s request and that they both know their relationship is not going anywhere. Karen’s business partner, Jacob, is about to step in to pose as her alibi, but he’s cut off before he can tell his lie. Karen comes clean about the all mistakes she’s made. She was at home the night Thomas Grey died. Alone. Her conscious is now clear. She lets the mendacious Elisabeth Grey know that she certainly cannot say the same.

Joss lets Harry know that Savi has yet to open the envelope containing the paternity results. She encourages him to head down to the lab to get the scoop himself. Harry gives it the old college try by batting his baby blues at the receptionist, but he’s shut down when a suspicious doc walks by. As for Savi, she’s feeling like saving her marriage is becoming more and more hopeless. She’s beginning to wonder if a new life with Dominic may be in the cards.

Joss is doing her best to fight an undeniable attraction to Olivier. Alex senses her new girlfriend’s desire to still be with men. They have a hypothetical chat about falling back into old habits. Joss bails on a party Alex sets up when Olivier asks her to show a home late in the evening. She’s shocked when her boss shows up at the property after the clients leave. The two of them head inside for a tour of the house. Of course, they don’t get further than the sofa before they start ripping off each other’s clothes. Looks like that hypothetical chat just got very, very real.

After her night of passion with Olivier, Joss is sporting a brand new bite mark on the side of her body. Alex notices the incriminating hickey. She’s shocked to learn that the man Joss slept with is the boss she’s been obsessed with. Alex believes that Joss canceled plans with her so she could sleep with Olivier. She wonders what kind of person does something like that just before storming out the front door.

Paul asks April to give Lucy a locket containing his picture. This is just one small way he can stay close to her heart before he leaves town forever. April wonders if she should tell her daughter about her no-longer-dead dad. Her friends say no. Emphatically! April is also dealing with her recent breakup with Richard. The two of them agree to keep the news from their kids until after a planned outing at a theme park.

A theme park seems to be the perfect place for April to hang these days since she’s been going through a roller coaster of emotions lately. Guess that’s why she’s up for getting back together with Richard, who is the only one who thinks telling Lucy about her dad may be the right thing to do. April decides to come clean to Lucy, but her daughter is missing when she comes to pick her up from school. Could Paul have taken her?


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