This article is about the Mistresses character Dominic Taylor you may be looking for his British counterpart Dominic Montgomery.
Dominic Taylor
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  • Dom
  • Alive
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  • Attorney
  • Grey - Mostow - Felker & Mitchell (Law Firm)
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Dominic Taylor is a main character in Mistresses. He works in the same law office as Savannah, and acts as her main love interest.

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Dominic and Savannah

Dominic and Savannah were colleagues and friends before Pilot. They then shared a few nights on the office and ended up hooking up. When Savannah find out she was pregnant, she questioned if the baby was his. When Dominic knew, he mentioned it at an office party where Harry was also. This caused tension between Savannah and Dominic after the punch between the two guys, but Savannah ultimately found a friend in Dominic while she was going through pregnancy. Eventually Savannah looses the baby, but she is still close to Dominic. The two are shows to be in a relationships 8 months after Savannah's accident.

  • Dominic and Toni


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