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Blair is the headmaster of the school that Lucy Malloy attends in season 3 with her scholarship


  • April Malloy meets Blair in his office when Lucy goes through her rebellious phase. When he suggests a camp, April and Lucy go together, where April sees Blair shirtless and chopping wood. She falls, and he rushes towards her. April then tries to date him by first going to his hot yoga class, and asking him out. She invited him to Wunderbar, promising she could get a table since she knows Harry. When she leaves, she asks Marc Nickleby what she thinks of her outfit. He is visibly jealous, and proceeds to text April throughout the rest of the night. Blair shows up on April's doorstep asking her out, and revealing he was just trying to keep the issue away from his job. They almost kiss, but Marc interrupts, and instantly dislikes Blair. Later, April has dinner at home with Blair and before April learns that Marc got arrested, he kisses her.