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Anna Choi
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Sammys', a downtown restaurant

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Till Death Do Us Part



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Catherine Haena Kim

Anna Choi is a recurring character in Season 2 of Mistresses. She is a patient of Dr. Karen Kim.

Background Edit

Anna lands in the ER with a sprained wrist and some other injuries. This triggers the concern of Karen, who wonders if Anna is the victim of abuse. They have private sessions at Karen's place, where she confesses she is an escort. She tries to pay for her education that way, but explains it has taken it's toll when she has a huge fight with her parents. She was called a disgrace by her father because of what she did. She admits it wasn't all bad as she wasn't ever alone at night, and she could dress up. It made her feel good to a certain extent. This seems to have an impact on Karen. Karen later finds out that Anna had lied to her about being an escort; that Anna had lied to Karen about everything during the last session with Karen. During Anna's last session with Karen, she admits truthfully that she moved to the states when she was 17 to be with her husband, and that she was raped and "never wanted to feel like that again" in S02E09. Anna is then referred to another doctor (psychiatrist) from what we know.


  • " Kate is whoever I want her to be. No past, no problems. She is totally free. " - Anna in 2x04