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Sally (Ex-girlfriend)
Josslyn Carver (Ex-girlfriend)

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Yoga instructor

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When One Door Closes...



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Shannyn Sossamon

 Alex is a recurring character in Season 1 of Mistresses. She is a yoga-instructor and formerly one of Joss' clients. They began dating, but Joss turns out not to be relationship material when she sleeps with Olivier. She is portrayed by Shannyn Sossamon.


Alex is introduced in Pilot as a lesbian in a relationship with Sally. They are told to have been in a relationship for 5 years. Alex says Sally always brings home the money, as Alex simply teaches 3 yoga classes a week. She grows a friendship with Josslyn, and at her encouragement gets her own place. Things don't work out with Joss, but she is given a property as a parting gift, suggesting Alex might start a new Yoga studio.


Alex is a lesbian with a relative open mind. While she was in a relationship with Sally she didn't really speak her mind, and went along with what her partner said.


  • Alex and Sally

Alex and Sally were in a long-term relationship in Pilot. They were planning on buying a house together, but Sally's determination and excessive list of demands fails them to find a proper house. They eventually break up, and Sally suspects Joss is the reason for it.

  • Alex and Joss

Alex and Joss start out as friends, as Joss is Alex' realtor. They grew to have a closer relationship, and after sleeping together, Joss agrees to give to whole relationship thing a try. She later reveals she agreed to it so that she could remain friends with Alex, who originally didn't want to be friends with her anymore after having broken up with Sally. They break up when Joss sleeps with Olivier.



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