'Til Death Do Us Part
Season 2, Episode 13
213'Til Death Do Us Part
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Air date

September 1st, 2014

Written by

K.J. Steinberg

Directed by

John Scott

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'Til Death Do Us Part is the thirteenth episode and the season finale of the Second Season of Mistresses. It aired on September 1, 2014. The episode was written by K.J. Steinberg, and directed by John Scott.

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In the second-season finale, Joss plans her engagement party as Scott arranges another surprise for her. Meanwhile, Karen awaits some test results; April turns to Daniel to protect her and Lucy; and Savi considers revealing that she's changed her mind.


As April works with the FBI to help them find Paul, she tries to keep Lucy in the dark about what's going on between her and Daniel. Meanwhile, a former lover has startling news for Karen, who ends up doing some soul-searching; Savi's "real" date with Zack takes a turn for the unexpected; and Joss has a falling-out with Harry over his romancing their boss.


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